AMPpod 87

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  • Year: 2014
AMPpod Podcast - Episode 87
Here is the track listing for the eighty seventh episode of AMPpod. Enjoy!
1. “Matthew” by Then Thickens
2. “Words” by Low
3. “Deja Vu” by Cibo Matto
4. "Mountain Energy” by The Fall
5. “All About The Benjamins” by Puff Daddy ft. Biggie Smalls
6. “Wax and Wane” by Cocteau Twins
7. “Pinata” by volcano!
8. “Extroverts at Play” by Color Theory
9. “A Path of Footprints Forged In the Midnight Sun” by Liquid Casing
10. “Natural Order” by Spruke
11. “Face Down” by White Lung