AMPpod 81

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  • Song Name: AMPpod 81
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  • Year: 2014
AMPpod Podcast - Episode 81
Here is the track listing for the eighty first episode of AMPpod. Enjoy!
1. “Baby Lee” by Teenage Fanclub
2. “Glass Danse” by The Faint
3. “System Freeze” by MonoInput
4. “Only If I Knew” by Fifi Rong
5. “Cursed Love, Hexed Lust” by Plague Vendor
6. “In Two” by Blue Hawaii
7. “In Two II” by Blue Hawaii
8. “Release Your Problems" by Chet Faker
9. “All I Know” by Alpoko Don
10. “Spirit In The Sky” by Norman Greenbaum
11. “Habit” by Ought
12. “The Truth” by Kate Tempest